Private Yoga Sessions

One-on-one yoga sessions, in your home and online…

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Sacred Self-Care

Your yoga is more than a workout; it’s time for your body, mind and heart too. Together we’ll build a practice that goes deeper than your physical needs, combining yogic philosophy and meditation to nourish and nurture self-care, self-regulation and radical self-love…

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At Universal Yoga we work creatively and compassionately, using a combination of different yogic styles to ensure that our lessons together are perfectly suited to you (and only you). Offering yoga that suits your individual needs means that you can focus less on what’s expected, and more on what will help you to thrive.

1:1 yoga sessions help to support or stretch you at the level that’s right for your strengths and capabilities, meaning that you can grow at the pace that is the very best for your body.



Our mental health is every bit as precious as our physical wellbeing; the two go hand in hand, and we work to build a foundation of balance that is every bit as strong as the muscles we are nurturing. Yoga can help us to cope, build resilience, and even shine.

Working with the pranayama (breath) is key, but we also offer therapeutic yoga to attend to trauma and vulnerabilities, while practicing asana (yoga postures) and meditation utilizing mantra and mudra (yogic hand gestures) with all who join us.

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…and radical self-love

Yoga is built on connection; connection not only with the breath, the body, and mind, but with ourselves. As we see ourselves strengthen physically and mentally, we can find appreciation for how magical our bodies are – and how we deserve our love, our care and not our criticism… Every time we roll out our mat is a chance to honour that magic, and foster the sense of love each of us deserves.

We are proud to be able to support everybody, and every body. Working with inclusivity and self-love is at the core of Universal Yoga – it would be our privilege to help you discover your self-love too.


Ready to build your yoga journey with us?

We work with local and online clients, so get in touch to practice here in the Kingston NY area or wherever in the world you are…